Protecting Privileged Conversations.

Used by some of the world's largest law firms, SaltLegal provides law firms with the ideal way to communicate securely with clients to handle chosen legal matters.

Secure Legal Communications

Mobile communications present major privacy challenges for the legal industry. Client-attorney privileged discussions, mergers/acquisitions details and legal strategy are just a few examples of mobile communications that have been intercepted and reported on in the news.

Historically there have been many cases of cyber attacks within the legal industry. For example, in 2016, 48 elite law firms suffered cyber hacks to their security systems, which was reportedly due to the use of consumer applications and online services used for communications and sharing legal documentation. The consequences in cases such as this is significant for a law firm and its clients.

  • Technology used by magic circle law firms globally.

  • Allows for lawyer-client communications on chosen matters.

  • Clients only have access to allocated lawyers.

  • Integrations with internal DMS systems.

  • Control how clients' data is stored.

  • Secure messages, calls & document transfer between lawyer & clients.

Secure Messaging

Our solution offers users private real-time messaging and group chat functionality to their colleagues or clients in relation to specific legal matters.

Secure Conferencing

We offer secure one-to-one calls and conferencing allowing up to 16 participants at any one time. All VoIP calls are encrypted and secure in any region.

In-App Restrictions

Administrators can restrict the capability of users to take screenshots within the app. They can also enforce additional app pin to be set, as well as an 'auto-burn' timer.

Deployment Options

Available as a hosted service or as an on-premise installation within private infrastructure.

Message Broadcasts

Push out live alerts to large groups of users within an organisation. Share messages, images & documents.

Closed Contacts

Organisations can manage the communication channels within their company. They control who speaks to who as user's contacts aren't linked to their personal device.

"After careful review of all available solutions it is clear that SaltDNA is the only solution which takes the need for management, compliance and encrytion seriously. The others are just dressed up consumer apps".

Joe Hancock, Cyber Security Lead | Mishcon de Reya


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